At few days of the release of Mafia 3 Rivals Hack and Cheats Codes Tool for Android & iOS Devices, 2K Games released a new cinematic of the game. This time, after the presentation of the families, this is how to make a little money to live and invest in the necessary equipment to achieving your goal: to undermine the mafia that has a stranglehold on the city of New Bordeaux.

On the sidelines of the consoles release / pc game, a game to mobile phones (Android and iOS) will be available. It is called Mafia III: Rivals and pre registration is open. Here is what this title will feature:

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Fly, strip and massacre to control Mafia III in New Bordeaux: Rivals, the latest action / RPG set in the violent and unforgiving world of Mafia III. Become a sponsor and gather your family scoundrels: equip your characters with lethal weapons, objects and other vehicles, and do you impose with other families. More power you gain, the better you control the environment. Dominate the city.



Make a splash in the middle of the underworld of New Bordeaux and handling the criminals in your own interest. Recruit and develop mafia 40 skills from the Mafia III universe and get a place in the sun among the largest Mafia families in New Bordeaux.


Take on waves of rival gangs in brutal combat oriented RPG and get your booty in the busy streets of New Bordeaux.


Equip your guys guns, knives, bulletproof jackets, brass knuckles, big cars and many other things to boost their stats and prepare for the rumble.


Compete against players around the world to improve your reputation in strategic battles that will determine who runs the best crime syndicate.


Get your hands on front companies to improve your team and get additional rewards, such as liquid, increased damage, and many other extras.
city-domination-mafia-3-rivals-mmo-iconThat fans of the Mafia series rejoice. On the sidelines of the third episode scheduled 7 October on PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One, 2K Games is preparing a game Mafia III: Rivals for iOS and Android. The action game in which you must take to the sponsor is adapted to touch screens with dedicated and optimized episode. While the principle joined the Clash Of Clans with a war between mafia family, achievement and gameplay are unique to Mafia 3.

With bose dose of RPG, it will bring her family here, equip weapons, vehicles and other before going to rob and kill the poor fools who try to oppose you. The achievement is quality and an online mode is directly intended. The goal is to control the city of New Bordeaux, you will have the opportunity to relax with the takeover of front companies to launder your money and get some extras. This kind of little more in fact a separate title in the category action / strategy. We can not wait to test it, go October 7 App Store.


Read more about Mafia III: Rivals:

Wander the streets of New Bordeaux from your mobile device. Discover the new role-playing and combat mobile 2K and Cat Daddy, Mafia III: Rivals, available October 7, 2016 on iOS and Android. Enjoy the varied and dangerous experience of New Bordeaux from a new angle – and a whole new way to make their way among the greatest criminals with people, places and events based on the game developed by Hangar 13 Mafia III. Pitch a criminal organization by seizing property, collecting awards (including weapons and vehicles) and eliminate rivals that would interfere with your plans.

Start your criminal life by facing rival gangs in this role play and mobile combat. Recruit and Practice forty criminals of the Mafia III universe when they join your ranks and annihilate all the enemies that gets in your way. Retrieve the latest equipment and weapons fashionable New Bordeaux. Fight alongside your friends and compete against players around the world to prove your supremacy.

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